About Woden Woods

Quite simply, our mission is to provide value to our clients. But as we see it , value takes many forms: quality, in that we strive to use the best materials, milled and assembled and finished by experienced craftsmen; service, in that we always keep our clients engaged and informed, asking the right questions and providing answers in the form of timely solutions and problem solving; consideration, in that we strive to be team players in a multi-trade environment, looking out for our client’s interests from beginning to end in often lengthy and complex projects, aligning ourselves with the architect, contractor and other trades to achieve the best outcomes; and respect, always keeping our client’s vision and expectation paramount in the creative process.

I like the phrase “quality in the making…” because it has a dual meaning. First, because the men and women of Woden Woods make what we sell, literally, not a machine and by no means at random. They choose the wood, from one board to another, and mill them with precision for the perfect look and the perfect fit. They choose and cut the veneered panels so that grains align and balance throughout an entire kitchen. They are given the opportunity and the time to care about what they build and finish. Second, Woden Woods has been in business for over 40 years. Trends come and go. But in changing times and tastes, we are small enough, experienced enough and flexible enough to be open to new materials and methods and “re-make” ourselves to align our production with contemporary trends.

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Quality in the making

Peter Eggers, Owner